Solitude in the City

John McLaren Park, a wonderland disguised as a small green patch on any map of San Francisco has provided the curious what anyone might think is the impossible in an urban setting as crowded, dynamic and progressive as San Francisco. Peaceful rolling hills and meadows, spectacular vistas, inspiring sunrises and sunsets that invite many of life's forms to reminisce and experience what was....what still can be...what is in their park. Adventuresome souls weary of the innovation and renovation constantly shaping and reshaping our environment and bombarding us with stressful new targets for new successes, ultimately experiencing a burning need to escape or return to the simple pleasures of nature without have to travel to ever more distant places receding in time and space can find their respite in John McLaren Park. This is yours, San Francisco, for your children and visitors, to enjoy, nurture, cherish and protect.

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